Creating handmade books and journals is hugely enjoyable and satisfying. Join this exciting course with me and you will make your first Journal over six weeks learning lots of creative techniques along the way.


The most common kind of Handmade Journal is a Vintage Journal, made up of actual or imitation vintage papers to create the pages, these are modified with artistic methods of faux ageing and filled with ephemera (old papers), pockets, flip out pages, tags and other embellishments and treasures. These journals make for super personalised creative gifts to give to someone, especially for those sentimental types of moments; Birthdays, Holidays, Graduation, Christenings, Weddings and even funerals.


Course Structure:

Week 1 – Welcome coffee/tea. Brief chat/intro to journal making, look at some journal samples and how they are put together, go through the materials bag you will receive to familiarise yourself with the contents. Receive details on resources locally and on line for future reference and inspiration. Begin folding papers and building the inside pages (signature). Age and distress papers with ink, stencils and soldering iron. Add small rubber stamped images on some of the pages. Finish the session looking at the cover of the journal and how that is created ready for the next session.


Week 2 – Stamp a design onto the inside cover fabric. Age the pocket and tuck spot papers with ink. Age and distress any papers brought in from home that you may wish to include in your journal. Create “clip in” pages adding stamped edges and cutting into them for more dramatic effect. Create fabric paper clips.


Week 3 – Make textile embellishments using lace, trim and fabric scraps, these will decorate sides of pages and add little accents to pockets. Sew the signature into the cover. Begin to cut out some of the printed images to use in the decoration of the journal. Start planning the inside decoration ie: placement of pockets, tuck spots, printed images etc…


Week 4 – Continue decorating the inside pages, adding the pockets, textile embellishments, words and phrases, ageing and distressing the elements as you go along. Learn how to use melted wax to create images held in waxed teabags. Add the pockets and tuck spots on the inside cover pages.


Week 5 – Design the front cover of the journal and secure down. Begin creating tags to put in the pockets and tuck spots, using cardstock, old book pages, rubber stamping, inks, printed images, get really creative with these.


Week 6 – Create wax seals to add into the journal. Finish off any page decorating. Continue to create any more tags. If time, we will design and add in a “clip in” raggedy page, this will be a collaged piece using vintage book pages, printed papers, lace sewn in elements, anything goes.


What do you need to bring?

Please bring the following materials each week:

Scissors - for paper cutting

Papers - You may want to add to the papers already provided, to personalise the journal to you ie: pretty wrapping papers, old book pages, wallpaper swatches

Fabric - if you have a fabric you love at home and want this as your journal cover, please bring this along, we will discuss this in more in the class, you will not need it in the first few weeks

Fabric Scraps, Lace, Ribbon Trim, Buttons

Needle & Embroidery Thread - for sewing in buttons and making textile scraps

Please note, if you don’t have any of the above items we can discuss this at the first lesson and I can provide them for you.


Course commences: Friday 6th May 2pm to 5pm





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